4-year old girl almost went blind after spending too much time playing with gadgets

Nowadays, everyone has access to the latest gadgets and technology. Even children can easily get their hands on gadgets as a way to enjoy their free time. However, giving kids gadgets to play with also has its downside as they are left in one spot for several minutes (even hours!) at a time and this has potential harmful effects on their health!

Just like this story recently shared by a heartbroken dad about the sad fate of his daughter who nearly went blind after using too much gadgets.

Dachar Nuysticker Chuayduang shared photos of his 4-year-old daughter taken after she underwent a surgery.

According to Chuayduang, his daughter began using gadgets as early as age 2. He would let her use his iPad and smartphone for hours. Often, the kid would get angry when Chuayduang would get the gadgets; thus, they would often just let her use the gadgets for as long as she wants.

But while the kid would be at peace for hours, she began to develop problems with her eyesight. They noticed that she would squint her eyes for several times. Then, she developed ‘lazy eye’. This means that one eye does not develop properly; thus, this affected eye relies more on the ‘good’ eye for vision. This leads to one eye, the affected one, becoming ‘lazy’ and would just move in a different direction as the ‘good’ eye.

Even with these vision problems, however, Chuayduang continued letting his kid use gadgets. But as the condition worsened, he finally brought her to an eye doctor.

At the tender age of 4, the kid had to undergo surgery to correct her vision problems. They were told that the child was close to getting blind! Thankfully, it was not too late for the kid and they were able to prevent a could have been worse situation.

Through sharing his experience, Chuayduang hopes that other parents can learn from them and apply the necessary measures so that their children would no longer suffer the same fate as that of Chuayduang’s poor innocent child.

Via Rachfeed