Rich man buried with $5,700 in an attempt to ‘bribe God’

When it comes to burial rituals, there are certain beliefs that are practiced by different types of people from all over the world. There are some that believe that it is necessary for their deceased relatives to carry a valuable item to their tomb.

But this family in Uganda just made a huge leap out of that common tradition practiced by many. In a report by News24, a deceased Ugandan man was reportedly buried with at least $5 700 which he said he wanted to offer as an “offertory” for God to “forgive him” of his sins and “save him from hell fire”.

The deceased man named Charles Obong, 52, apparently made the request in his will according to his remaining family members.

Contrary to Obong’s request, the money was dug up after church community elders were made aware of the ‘bizarre’ request. Reverend Joel Agel Awio was quoted saying that there was no amount of money that could buy eternal life, adding that God could not accept such “a golden handshake”.

The deceased’s brother in law confirmed that when the body of Obong was exhumed $100 notes amounting to $5 700 were recovered from the former government employee’s coffin. Obong died after a long illness and was buried at his ancestral home at Adag-ani village, Bar-pii parish, Aromo Sub-county in Lira District, Uganda.

Additionally, Obong was buried in a metallic coffin estimated to have cost $5 509.60.

Obong reportedly feared that his sins which included corruption during his time in government would lead him to be condemned to hell.

Although his last will was not carried out as he wished, we pray that Obong will receive the eternal rest that his soul needs.