Julia Barretto hilariously explains why she ‘does not wear a bra’

Being a celebrity entails fame which may also mean that everything about your life is made known to the public. It’s as if that with every move you make, eyes are on you. This can be a dilemma for some but there are also celebrities who simply decide to just shrug it off and carry on with living their lives to the fullest.

That is exactly the case with Julia Barretto. In the actress’ recent interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda, she was asked regarding a ‘nipple tape’ controversy and the allegations that frequently, she does not wear a bra.

To this, Julia coolly answered that for her, wearing a bra or not is up to a woman’s own preference. But, in her case, she sarcastically said that it was because the bra itself “no longer has something to hold on to in the first place.” She even added that her ‘bra’ tries hard but it was useless. The audience then burst out laughing along with the host, Boy Abunda and Julia’s on screen partner, Joshua Garcia.

All throughout social media, many people also expressed their side that they too can relate with Julia’s funny experience which caused a short clip from the interview to go viral.

It can be recalled that previously, Julia was seen wearing revealing clothes that show off her gorgeous figure like the one she wore on the ABS-CBN Ball 2018 which earned both praise and criticism from the public.

So, can you also relate with Julia’s funny reason for not wearing a bra? Share us your thoughts in the comments section.


Watch the full video here: