This driver is just trying to park the car but ended up ruining “everything”

Parking a car is one of the most difficult things to do especially if you are just learning how to drive. If you just recently passed the test to acquire a driver’s license or if parking is really a hard thing for you, you are probably aware of how painful a car parking process is.

Depending on the area, looking for an available parking space takes time, not to mention how tricky to park a car. That’s why parking is as important as learning how to drive because if you are not careful enough, you are in real trouble for sure.

With that in mind, the Facebook page Viral Thread shared a 32-second video showing a car trying to park. But the next thing that happened will surely shock you.

The recorded clip from a CCTV video shows the car slowly turning to the left.

As seen on the video, the driver probably hit the accelerator or the gas pedal and bumped into other cars.

But the driver’s dilemma didn’t stop there. As the car tries to reverse, it suddenly accelerates again ruining the wall of the nearby property. 

The driver’s attempt to simply park the led to ruining several properties.

Watch the video below:

Well, everyone has a bad day but this driver is probably having the worst day of his life.