This man marries his favorite anime character in a form of a doll

To find that special person to spend the rest of your life with is and never will be easy. Some even take years to find their ‘perfect’ other half.

However, in the case of this man from Japan, he might have had enough of the pressure from everyone around him to get married at the quickest possible time because he ultimately did so. Only that he got married to no girl but to a doll instead!

This man whose name still remains a mystery is now the subject of talks in various Japanese social media platforms because of his surprising decision.

Apparently, the doll was made after a virtual singer named Miku which is a favorite anime character of the man.

In a report by Bombo Radyo, it was said that the man has been a victim of bullying and was even busted several times by different women he tried to hit on.

Because of being frustrated from these experiences, the guy suffered from a certain trauma concerning girls. The only thing that comforted him is the doll which always stayed by his side. The doll was the reason he was able to overcome such a rough stage in his life.

These reasons were enough for the guy to finally decide on spending the rest of his life and dedicating himself to the doll.

The guy even invited his family, close friends and other acquaintances to this special and memorable day in his life. Well, we can only imagine how these people might have reacted to this very unique wedding that they were able to witness.