This dog takes a jeepney to follow its owner

Dogs are considered a man’s best friend for various reasons. One of which is the loyalty that every dog has towards its owner. Countless moments have proven this type of loyalty over the years.

This particular moment of a dog’s loyalty just made a buzz online for all the cuteness recorded in just one video.

We are talking about this short clip uploaded by a Facebook User named Nova Tapuyao. The said post goes with a little explanation that Nova’s sister was on her way home when she managed to come across such a cute and heartwarming encounter.

In the said clip, a dog was first seen standing inside the seat of a jeepney. The dog was looking anxious. It was as if it was looking for or waiting for something. The passengers of the jeepney were all flustered too as it is very uncommon to spot a dog without its owner inside a public vehicle.

As the journey continued, the jeepney happened to stop at a traffic prone area which led to a commotion from another vehicle parallel to it. Surprisingly, the other vehicle which was also packed with passengers turned out to include the dog’s owners.

The woman taking the video along with the others can be heard saying that they were all in awe of the dog for making his own ways and means to follow his beloved owners to wherever they may go. The dog also immediately ran towards its owners upon recognizing their faces.

Many Facebook users were amazed by the dog’s loyalty and praised it and its owners for the love they have for each other. This just proves that indeed, love is a universal language that even animals can understand even without speaking a single word.