Girl shares scary experience of having birth control implant inside her body

With the advancement in technology, there are now many birth control options that a married couple can choose from. One of which is the so called ‘Birth Control Implant’.

The Birth Control Implant or more commonly known as contraceptive implant is a form of long-acting reversible contraception for women. This comes in the form of small rods about the size of a matchstick and are put under the skin in the inside of a woman’s arm.

The use of this type of contraception has been clinically approved but it turns out that using it can result to serious side effects that may even come to a point between life and death.

According to Facebook User, Bernadette Quinitio, she first decided to push through with the contraceptive implant to be her type of birth control.

Since the implant was put under her skin, people around her started to notice that she was losing weight. At first, she just ignored it by comforting herself and saying that it was just part of the side effects of the implant.

However, she became more worried as time went by. She finally decided to visit a hospital to check on what was wrong with her body.

The first one she went to declared that nothing was wrong with her and even did an x-ray but her implants could not be located.

She was then referred to another hospital which also said the same thing as the first one.

Then, she finally went to the hospital where her implants were installed. Even they too could no longer locate her implant. So, they just proceeded with opening up a small part of her arm to locate the implant.

Finally, they were able to spot it near her bone! They then informed Bernadette that she was lucky enough to have consulted them before her situation got worse which could have even led to her death.

May Bernadette’s experience serves as a warning and a lesson to everyone to always think not just twice but several more times before deciding on things that can potentially harm our health.

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FAMILY PLANNING implant. Herep megeng eseng ene! 😂 hahaha mag iisang taon na sguro yung implant koo, mag iisang ton na…

Posted by Detba Quinitio on Wednesday, 31 October 2018