Poor dog miraculously survives after its head was stuck inside a bottle for three weeks

Dogs have a tendency of playing with almost anything that can catch their eyes and attention without knowing the possible dangers that may be caused by these ‘toys’. Just like what happened with this poor dog whose head was left stuck in a bottle for three long weeks.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook Page, The Dodo, a man was seen trying to cut the bottle that has been stuck on the poor dog’s head.

People in the background can also be heard talking about taking the dog to the nearest veterinary clinic so that it can get the medical attention that it desperately needs.

The rescuers think that the poor dog tried to use the bottle by dipping it into the lake to get water. The dog was named Cheeto and he was left in the care of the vet.

His rescuers somehow found a few surprises when they went back to the place they found him. They were able to spot three puppies who turned out to be following their dad the whole time. Only that the poor puppies can also do nothing in their dad’s situation.

Meanwhile, the rescuers decided to adopt Cheeto while he is still recovering and are now in the process of finding someone who’s willing to adopt him for good. On the other hand, his puppies are now left in the care of their very own loving adopted families.

It was fortunate for Cheeto and his puppies that they were found by these rescuers. If it wasn’t for them, worse things that are unimaginable might have happened to the poor little family.

Watch the full video here: