6 easy hacks that will transform your egg recipes to a whole new level

Eggs are probably one of the most common ingredient to the food we eat every single day. There are a lot of common easy ways to cook an egg, you can boil or fry it and eat it in an instant.

But, did you know that there are also innovations to the perhaps usual way of cooking eggs? And the list may even shock you! So, here it goes.

One, an egg can be fried with a bread. The steps are simple, all that one needs to do is to flatten and make the center part of a bread thinner with the use of a glass. Then, break the egg in it and fry. That’s it.

Two, put a transparent plastic bag on top of a small bowl. Break the egg in it and tie the plastic bag together. Dip the plastic bag in a boiling water until the egg is cooked. Then, serve it with your favorite breakfast.

Three, break eggs in a bread molder. Add salt, pepper and bake the eggs. Then, you’re good to go, you can use the eggs as on sandwiches or breakfast meals or in any way you want it!

Four, make your own breakfast sausage. Simply cover boiled eggs with chopped pork, cover it again with beaten eggs and bread crumbs. After that, simply fry it in oil and done! A sumptuous breakfast for you.

Five, put a raw egg inside a pantyhose. Shake and roll several times before boiling and chilling the egg. After this process, the now cooked egg will turn into a pale yellow color and can be added to desserts or any food that fit your taste buds.

Six, separate the egg whites from the yolk. Add salt, pepper and chives to the whites. Then beat the whites until it becomes fluffy. Divide the fluffy whites and put yolk in between them. Bake for a few minutes and your special egg is now ready to eat!

Wow, these hacks sure is a welcome addition to the unending list of possible ways to cook an egg. Make sure to give this a try at home too!

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