Woman demonstrate how to cook snake and eventually eat it at the end

For some people, even just the mere sight of a snake can make them run for their lives. But still, there are also people who seem to have no fear at all and can even hold snakes and play with them. There are even others who even manage to eat snakes!

Just like this girl who has managed to gain mixed reactions from the online world after her video of ‘cooking’ a snake was uploaded on the internet.


In the said video, the girl was first seen holding up the skin of a snake. She then puts it in a small basin and washes it with water.

After that, she proceeds with the inner part of the snake’ body. The inner part she was holding seemed like an intestine with enlarged parts.

She brings the said inner parts of a snake inside a pot and mixes it with water along with a few other ingredients. She then puts it on the fire she made earlier.

A few moments later, the pot can be seen boiling as the girl tries to take a taste of what she was cooking. After deciding that it was fully cooked, she proceeds with her most awaited part – eating her exotic delicacy.

The video shows that the girl finds her cooked food really tasty as her face suggests. There was even one point in the video where the girl showed what its like to open up the intestine-like thing that she cooked earlier.

Well, do you also eat snakes too? You should check out the full video below: