These guys invented an easy way to plow a field with the use of a motorcycle

In the past, the main factor when it comes to plowing fields or doing heavy work in a farmland are animals, specifically, the Buffalo. The strong Buffalo has been a great help to farmers all over the world.

With the advancement in technology such as the invention of new equipment that can reduce the manpower by twofold in farmlands, many farmers also step up their game in order to get by with the new trend.

Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that there are also farmers who simply cannot afford to buy these equipment just by their own money.

Well, these guy just proved that one does not need those high end equipment to make their farming jobs easier. All they need is a piece of creativity.

In a video uploaded by a Facebook User named, DjEmz Villarao, a group of men can be seen in the middle of a field. As the clip continues, it can be seen that the one of the guys was pushing a motorcycle forward while another guy was on his back holding a plow.

As the motorcycle moves, the plow also goes with it and the soil is instantly cultivated just like that!

The guys did not just use one motorcycle, they even used two so that they can finish their job faster!

This surely is a genius invention and everyone can afford this innovation. So, to all farmers out there who are struggling with their finances, better try out this simple trick to make your life a lot easier!

Watch the full video here;