This man can transform this piece of fabric into an elegantly looking dress

Sometimes, ladies have a hard time when it comes to choosing what clothes to wear at a certain occasion or even just on a casual day. In fact, choosing the clothes takes up even more time than dressing up itself.

Well, this man’s genius trick might be the answer girls are looking for when we talk about the never ending need to dress up.

In a video that has left people in awe, a man was first seen holding a cloth which has green and blue color in it. He then flips the cloth several times.

As seen in the video, a girl was standing beside him and he gestures for the girl to become his model for his various dress-folding skill.

He started off with tying the ends of the cloth on the girls shoulders. He then tied the other ends on the girls waist and just like that, it was an instant dress!

The crowd went ‘whoa’ after witnessing the man’s amazing skill. The man of the hour then continued with what he was doing and even showed off more flawless tying of the dress here and there.

The people who were taking the video can be heard expressing their amazement towards every new dress design the man is creating by simply exchanging the knots he makes for the cloth.

Well, who would have thought that there are so many possible ways of wearing just a single cloth?

Better watch the full video here so you can learn tricks from this creative man too: