This is what a ‘train-ride’ looks in Bangladesh

There are various types of public transportation available all over the world. One of the most common means of public transportation is the train.

As the train only travels on its own rail without the hassle of traffic just like what other public vehicles suffer from, it is often a preferred ride by commuters.

However, there are also times when a train becomes overloaded with passengers that one may find it hard to squeeze himself into the moving vehicle. Just like in the situation of this train in Bangladesh.

In a video that has caused quite an alarm on social media, a lot of people was first seen walking to and from a railway of a train. These people are quite busy with their own business as they can be seen hurriedly walking in different directions.

As they hear the sound of a incoming train, they immediately vacate the railway to avoid any accident. But, as the train comes into view, people get to see that the train is fully loaded with passengers not just inside but there are even people standing on top and on the sides of the moving train!

It even seemed like the number of people riding outside the train could probably equal to the number of people inside it. It was as if these people are no longer afraid of the possible incidents that may be caused by their unusual practice in riding the train.

People who were able to watch the video expressed their alarmed sentiments on this very dangerous feat which is considered normal by the people seen in the video.

You can also watch the full video here: