This monkey can do laundry just like a humans

The theory of evolution is one that assumes that the origin of human beings are some species of monkeys. The similarities in the features of the monkeys and human beings are said to be the proof to this theory.

In the recent years, it seems that the world changed its turn as the monkey is now the ones imitating the actions of human beings. Just like this smart monkey who showed off its unbelievable skill in doing the laundry.

This video of one Capuchin monkey has shocked people across the world when it has learned to wash clothes on its own by just merely observing a human and ultimately, imitating her.

In the said video, the monkey was first seen scurrying through a bunch of clothes piled inside a tub. The monkey then squeezes the clothes several times then rinses it just like how a human being would manually wash their clothes.

Apparently, this domestically-trained Capuchin started mimicking human behaviors by observing the people’s actions ever since the day it got back from its natural habitat.

Researchers interpreted this kind of imitation as a sign that monkeys feel a stronger affiliation with humans. It’s also possible that imitation signals subordination so the individual being copied feels less threatened.

This just proves that the human-animals connection is something that is beyond what is seen by the naked eye. Animals around us simply have that invisible but strong bond with human beings that is incomparable to any other types of relationship in this world.

Watch the full hilarious video here:

Via Pixelated Planet