This very dangerous road in Nepal runs through a waterfall

They say difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. Well, that idiom may be true in the figurative side but not in the literal level as difficult roads in real life are simply hard to pass through. Its just sad that some people have to endure being on life-threatening situations in the midst of traveling.

Specifically when they pass through difficult and dangerous roads just like this particular ‘waterfall’ road featured in a video that has made quite a buzz online.

The video we are talking about is this one which first shows a clip of what anyone would assume is a waterfall as water is flowing from a raised area going downhill.

However, as the video pans from one side of the place to the other side, it turns out that it was a curved part of a road leading to a mountainous area. But unlike any other mountainside road, a flowing water goes with it which makes it more difficult for a driver to maneuver on that part of the road.

This scary road is called the Manang Road, along the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal, is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It is not just a long and windy road along a mountain, but sections of the road are also in the middle of a giant waterfall.

The road stretches for 95.8 km, starting in a town called Besishahar, and ends in Manang, which is 11,545 ft above sea level.

The water is coming from a high waterfall located near the road and the current that it carries is just too strong that it can even carry a car if the driver commits just one mistake while moving through the dangerous road.

As there were no cars in the vicinity when the video was taken, we can only imagine the struggle for someone who do not have any other choice but to pass through the waterfall road.

To all daredevil drivers out there, are you willing to take on the challenge of this waterfall road?

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