This electric walking bike can take you anywhere with less effort

Repetitive everyday routines can sometimes be tiring too. Although one may get used to it, there are still times when people try to find alternative ways of doing a common action just to create a little change in their lives.

Well, this ‘walking bike’ may be the perfect innovation for people who always gets tired of walking around all day long under the scorching heat of the sun.

This electric walking bike was invented by Lopifit and is now available and can be bought by anyone in selected markets just as long as the price is right.

‘Walking’ is what sets the bike in motion so anyone can just make it seem like they are simply walking on a park but at a much faster pace as the bike operates on an increased speed. It was just like walking but in the speed of a normal bicycle. Additionally, it is even possible to ride the bike up to the speed of 17 miles per hour.

For everyone’s safety, the bike also has an anti-slip grip feature so one cannot easily fall from it as the soles of the shoes is being gripped by the bike. Just in case one needs the bike to come to a halt, the handbrakes is there to do the job.

As it is a new invention, the bike it quite costly at $2,495 for a single unit. But, that’s still quite reasonable considering the benefits that the electric walking bike can give.

So, better try out this new invention now and make your daily grind a little easier!