This creative man invented a go-kart to easily transport firewood

Everyday, people strive to create new processes or things to make their lives easier. It does not need to be that advanced invention will the technologies incorporated in it just as long as it is beneficial to one’s everyday living.

Just like this man’s unique and genius invention with the sole purpose of making his everyday routine more productive. He improvised a small go-kart as a means of transporting firewood while strutting impressive driving skills on a busy highway.

The said man was encountered by a motorist on the streets of Brazil. The people who took he video were blown away by sight and immediately filmed the resourceful fellow as he maneuvered the go-kart down the spiral freeway. It was like Mario Kart brought to real life minus the mushrooms and banana peels.

The footage shows the man all the way down a busy highway. At one point, there was a jittery moment when he maneuvered the go-kart next to a huge bus which has come to a halt on the road. One may already get scared of overtaking from a huge car but that is not the case with the go-kart man.

Understandably, people on the internet expressed their concern given that the makeshift go-kart was too low on the ground making it hard for him to be noticed by the bus driver. Nonetheless, he passed the obstacle without difficulty.

The kart was heavily loaded with firewood which made a scratching sound throughout the video. There was also a sack attached to the firewood.

It may appear like the go-kart was driven at an unhurried pace. However, the motorist showed his odometer to document their speed at the time. The motorist himself was going at 52 mph with the man being ahead by a pawn.

It sure was impressive for someone to invent a go-kart. However, it is not advised to use one especially when traveling on a highway as there are many big cars that may be unable to see a small moving vehicle. Thus, this may result to accidents on the road.

Watch the video of the man below:

Via Pixelated Planet