These teachers in the Philippines are willing to risk their lives to teach their students

Teaching is a noble profession and not everyone is willing to take risks in order to share not just their knowledge but also a part of their life to their students. This sort of sacrifice is never easy but dedicated teachers are more than willing to risk it all.

Just like what these teachers did in a story that has touched many hearts on social media.

The story of these teachers was featured in the Sunday lifestyle program entitled “Kapuso Mo: Jessica Soho.” In a video recorded along with the story, it can be seen that a group of people was standing on the side of a river with heavy currents of water flowing.

The current was so heavy that it can easily carry a person from one side to the other. It was scary to even just look at it.

However, as the video progresses, the people standing on the edge of the river decided to jump over the rushing water. They let the heavy currents carry them all the way to the end of the river. It may seem life-threatening but the people in the video was determined to cross the river even in that condition.

It was later revealed that the group were composed of teachers. All were willing to take the risk of ‘swimming’ through the heavy currents just to cross the river and get to the school they were teaching in. They no longer worry about their lives being at stake just for the sake of doing their duty.

It is truly admirable that these teachers are willing to give their all and even risk their lives in order to do their job. We salute all the teachers out there who are struggling in their own lives too but still manages to give their all when it comes to teaching their beloved students.

Watch their full video here: