Pissed woman bumps her car to a sports car that almost hit her and left without asking an apology

Oftentimes, unexpected things may happen while one is traveling from one place to another or is simply walking on one side of the road. This may sometimes trigger angry feelings and may result to drastic actions.

Just like how this lady reacted and made sure she takes her revenge after she was almost hit by a rushing car.

In a video that has been circulating online, a woman wearing a white shirt and a black pants was first seen walking out of her car. As she was about to cross the road, a car came rushing out of nowhere and almost hit her on the spot.

After that, the car just went on its way and the driver did not even bother to apologize to the woman.

This might have triggered an angry reaction to the lady because she then rushed back to her car and made her way to follow the car which almost hit her.

Then, the woman did something outrageous that nobody expected. She went all the way and bumped the rear part of that car in front of her. The video clearly shows that the clash created such a huge impact on the two cars.

Well, that sure will be a lesson learned for the driver of the rushing car. Whoever the driver is may now think twice about messing with people walking on the road. (Unless he or she wants to get his or her car bumped from behind again!)

Watch the full video below and witness the revenge the woman did: