Easy steps to give a satisfying massage to your loved ones

At times, it is inevitable that one may experience some sort of pain in certain parts of their bodies especially in the joints. However, these body pains are often ignored simply because one no longer has time to go to a therapist.

Well, you no longer have to worry as this video will teach you how to easily perform simple massage techniques that can instantly ease whatever pain you are feeling.

Shoulder Part

We often carry heavy baggage on our shoulders not just figuratively but physically too. This is why we sometimes feel pain in this part of our body.

In order to ease the ailing shoulder muscles, slowly press down the shoulders and knead through the trapezius muscle.

Neck Part

Perhaps the most sensitive part of our bodies when it comes to that tired feeling is our necks.

One simply has to massage gently through the soft parts of the neck so that the pain can be eased instantly.

Foot Part

It is undeniable that our feet gets tired with all the walking around and even just standing for the most part of our day.

To ease the pain that one may feel on their foot, the basic massage is to simply hold the foot and gently move hands downward. Allow your fingers to move in a circular motion around the tendon and the ankle. Massage the toes in circular motion before squeezing and pulling each of it.

We hope this simple tips and tricks can help you the next time you feel that tingling sensation from the sensitive parts of our bodies as mentioned above.

You can also watch the full video below for a demonstration of how the massage is done:

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