Chinese company turns cockroaches into a medical juice

While there are people who dread even just the mere sight of cockroaches, it turns out that these small creatures can be an effective medicine that can heal various diseases!

In China, there exists a giant laboratory solely intended for breeding cockroaches! In an article by SCMP, the building was described as having narrowly spaced rows of shelves and is about the size of two sports fields. The shelves are lined with open containers of food and water. It is fully sealed like a prison, it has strict limitations on access to visitors. From birth to death, inhabitants never see the sun. Inhabitants in the form of cockroaches.

Described as the world’s largest breeding site for cockroaches, this farm in the city of Xichang, in southwestern Sichuan province in China has Nearly 28,000 full-sized cockroaches per square foot are produced there annually.

Reports by the local government of the province state that the facility achieved its unrivalled efficiency partly by being controlled by a “smart manufacturing” system powered by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

It was said that this  system constantly collects and analyses more than 80 categories of “big data”, including humidity, temperature, food supply and consumption. It monitors changes such as genetic mutations and how these affect the growing rates of individual cockroaches.

The process of converting these live cockroaches into medicines include drying the cockroaches and grinding them into smaller bits. The now powdered cockroaches are added to a mixture of water and bottled. The mixture is said to taste slightly sweet and fishy at the same time.

The now ready medicines are being distributed to over 4,000 hospitals in China. Furthermore, doctors claim that this cockroach-made medicine can cure many gastric and respiratory issues.

This sure is a big breakthrough in terms of advancement in medical science all over the world.

How about you? Are you willing to try out this medicine made from cockroaches too?