These guys are having a good time doing 800-meter jump

Part of everyone’s goal of being able to explore the world is to be able to indulge and enjoy all the outrageous adventures that go with it. But, as an adventurer, are you willing to take the risk of jumping over a super high cliff in order to experience that once in a lifetime thrilling feeling?

Apparently, there are people who are willing to do just that. Like the ones who dared to do this extreme adventure which is called “Base jumping,” sometimes written BASE jumping or B.A.S.E jumping. To give a more thorough explanation, BASE jumping includes parachuting or flying with a wing suit from a high building or cliff. The word is an acronym standing for  Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth (a cliff), the four categories of object from which it is permitted to jump.

Norway’s 800m Katthammaren cliff is one of the famous places for people who want to try out Base Jumping.

Other perks included in the extreme adventure are all featured in a video that has been a hot topic online. Some of these perks include a ‘fire’ effect each time a jumper attempts to jump over the cliff. There is even a swing that is offered for people who want more of the extreme adventure.

Despite how dangerous it may seem, the video shows that there are a lot of people who are willing to take on the challenge and conquer their fear.

Of course, there are also safety equipments worn by each jumper in case an untoward incident may occur. After all, safety is still the first priority to any other adventures in our life.

Well, what do you think? Do you wanna try out this Base Jumping adventure too?

Watch the full video here: