Hikers walk across a frozen lake with icy water that’s literally crystal clear

Nature has its own share of amazingly rare creations that are quite hard to explain but are extremely stunning to the sight. As a result, people often crave to personally witness these creations and be able to document their experience of it.

Just like what these hikers did when they managed to come across a rare frozen lake!

In a report by Goodtimes, it was revealed that a hiker named Tomas Nunuk and his friend went on a hike in the High Tatras in Slovakia when they came across a pleasant surprise in the form of the frozen lake.

The surface of the frozen lake was crystal clear that the two hikers seemed to walk on a sheet of glass. The rocks underneath are even visible with the crystal clear water over it. It was just like the clips we see on the special effects of movies only that, this time, its for real!

The 38-year-old hiker went for a hike in the High Tatras mountain range in Slovakia.

Completely in awe of the rare sight, Nunuk decided to take a video of the place, then, he posted the video on his Youtube channel with the title “Walking on beautiful clean ice in Slovakian Mountains,” his video quickly gained more than half a million views in just a few days.

It’s no surprise that many were interested in watching the video because the title is already enough to pique the curiosity of people.

Those who were able to view the video expressed their amazement towards the breathtaking footage especially with the unbelievable ‘walking on ice’ feat of the two hikers.

Watch the stunning video of the lake here: