This video will reveal the “superhumans” living on Earth

People often dream of having some sort of an ability or a superpower to be able to help the people around them. This is probably why some are addicted to watching superhero movies. But, did you know that superhumans can exist in real life too?

Well, in a video that is now circulating online, these “superhumans” prove their extraordinary ability in ways we never expect.

The Punching Master

This man can punch anything in front of him and even with just a minimal force, he can already destroy a hard object.

The Fruit Ninja

Some may find it hard to cut certain types of fruit but that is not the case with this man. Even when one sees that he is just randomly cutting through a watermelon, it later turns out to be a perfectly cut fruit.

The Kung Fu Master Shopper

This man was first seen having a hard time carrying his groceries until one drops from his hand. Then, he calmly kicked it up again until it landed right on his arms.

The Flash Harvester

This man’s hand seem like that of a machine as he scurries through a bunch of green leaves and later reveals to have chosen the best parts of the plant.

The Cutting Experts Man and Woman

Apparently, the guy can cut anything without looking at it and the girl can do so too even with her feet!

The Rubix cube expert

While some people are having a hard time trying to solve the puzzle, this man can do it even with just one hand!

The Packing Master

Trying to fit a lot of baggage inside a box can be a dilemma for some but that is not the case with this man who can do such task with ease.

The Drum Rolling Specialist

It seems that this man has complete control over where a drum is going as he simply makes it roll on its own and surprisingly, the drum even stopped in its right position.

The Table Setting Expert

This guy has some serious skill in fixing things on a table. More amazingly, he does so by seemingly just throwing everything in random and everything just gets to their proper places.

The splitting car washer

When it comes to washing cars, the hardest part is cleaning up the lower portion. But this guy made it seem as easy as 1-2-3 by splitting to give himself a better view of what was underneath the car.

Whoa! These human beings are simply amazing beyond compare.

You can watch their full video compilation here and be even more impressed: