Rooster undergoes self-training with a mini punching bag

Chicken in general is quite a versatile animal. Not only can it be a food for the hungry but it can also be a source of money in terms of cockfighting. But who would have thought that a rooster’s ability to fight is not only limited to cockfighting? Apparently, there’s this rooster who can do great when it comes to Kung Fu too!

We are talking about this yellow colored rooster whose video has made people on the internet curious about the animal’s ability to fight.

In the said video, a yellow rooster was first seen facing a punching bag. A few moments later, the rooster started to jump on the punching bag and its action was just like a person trying to kick somebody else. Something that resembles a person practicing his Kung Fu skills.

This went on for several more times as the rooster seems to be really dedicated with what it was doing. As if nothing could stop it from training as hard as it could.

All throughout the video, the rooster was consistent with its attack on the punching bag like it was somebody who’s trying to hone his skill to become a better fighter. Well, we are now looking forward to the rooster’s future fight so we could check out the fruit of tireless labor.

So, its no surprise that many Facebook users were amazed by the rooster’s unusual skill that the video became quite a hit online.

If you’re curious now, go and watch the full video below: