This old film’s scene and special effect is so funny

When it comes to films or dramas, producers and directors always see to it that they give the best version possible to their viewers. This is why sometimes it takes a few years to produce just one film.

Despite these efforts, there are still a few movies which turn out quite opposite from what is expected of it but are working hard to cope with the changes in the film industry.

Just like this particular old clip from a movie which features a ‘shoot-out’ scene between the protagonist and the antagonist. Of course, people often expect a detailed action scene on this one but what turned out was a hilarious scene.

In the video, one man first pulled the trigger, then the bullet from his gun was focused and the scene was slowed down. The bullet did not hit his opponent thus, the latter also fired his shot.

This exchange went on but not for long as one of them was hit by a bullet. It even came to a point where one of the guys ‘slid’ his way down to the other part of the room.

The whole video was a complete opposite of what it was supposed to be.

As a result, people who were able to come across the video and watch it found it hilarious instead of feeling that exciting emotion when watching action films. Although this one is an old clip already, its still good to appreciate the effort done by people then even without the advancement in technology that we now have.

You can watch the video too and tell us what you think about it!