These guys pretend as wizards and use fireworks to duel with friends

The series of Harry Potter movies really made a big impact on the lives of people who were avid fans  of the film. All these fans have their own way of expressing their love for the film, some collect the original books, some visit places that are dedicated to or was inspired by the series of movies and there are also others who still cling to that dream of becoming a wizard.

The kid inside each of us will be genuinely happy to experience how it’s like to be able to cast spells and do things out of pure magic!

Well, that may be what was on the mind of these people who decided to make themselves believe they were true wizards. They did so with a firework in their hands.

In a video that has been circulating online, a group of men was seen to seemingly have a ‘battle’ with each other with makeshift ‘wands’ in their hands. As the firework-wand disperse light from the gun powder inside it, it was as if whoever was holding it has finally known how to make his power work!

However, everyone should remember that what these people are doing is extremely dangerous as the light that the firework disperses is made from gun powder which can cause serious physical injuries to people.

Sure, its fun to be whoever you fantasize to be but one should always make sure to put safety first before anything else. After all, health is still the kind of wealth that no one can easily steal.

Watch the full video here: