Beauty pageant contestant brings live goats on stage as props

When it comes to pageants, each contestant has their own way of trying to make an impression towards the judges and the audience. May it be through their unique way of walking down the stage, their extraordinary beauty or the elaborate clothes they are wearing just as long as they stand out from the rest.

Everyone has that special trick to make viewers root for them. Just like this particular beauty pageant contestant who took festival costumes to a whole new level.

In a video uploaded by a Facebook User named Kaye Wycoco, the contestant was first seen making her way from the far end of the stage.

To everyone’s surprise, she did not wear that grand festival costume that everyone was expecting. Instead, she made use of 3 live goats and a baby as her prop to compliment her festival costume!

The said contestant introduced herself first by making strange sounds which connotes her representing the wildlife. Her sash says she is the representative of South Africa.

She ended her introduction with a quote that has a strong message for members of the third sex. She said, “Being gay is never a sin in the eyes of the Lord, the law and the society because gays never do anything that could harm their fellowmen. We were born this way, we live this way and eventually, we will die in this way too!”

The crowd was all cheers for Miss South Africa as she ended her introduction. She sure did leave a mark for herself in the whole competition.

You can watch her full introduction video here: