17 people managed to squeeze themselves inside a small car

The question ‘how could several small fishes fit inside a small can of sardines?’ may be one of the hardest questions for anyone to explain briefly. But of course, the latest machines used in manufacturing can easily perform that job.

People, on the other hand also have their way of trying to fit themselves in small spaces if the situation requires them to. However, many netizens are now wondering as to how these people managed to fit themselves inside a small car.

In a video uploaded by a Facebook User name Keith, it can be seen that a four-seater car was parked in front of uniformed men in Dominican Republic as the flag on their right shoulders indicated.

What made the video interesting is that from the said car, people started coming out. Surprisingly, not just one, not two, not even three came out from the backseat!

A total of twelve people was seen coming out from the small space of the backseat of the car! (Is that even possible?) Well, the video clearly shows that it is possible.

If that isn’t surprising enough, there are even more people who positioned themselves inside the trunk of the car. A total of five of them managed to squeeze themselves with all their luggage inside the trunk.

Many netizens are now questioning how these people managed to do just that. How about you? Do you have any idea as to how they made this happen?

You can freely watch the full video below and try to solve the mystery yourself: