Strong wind carries the water in a waterfalls in upward direction

A waterfall is just an example of the many things that only nature can create in its own pace. Sure, there may be numerous artificial versions of a waterfall but nothing beats those that are created by God’s hands.

Many people are already in awe even with just the mere sight of heavy currents of water flowing all the way down from an elevated location. But, have you ever thought that it could be possible for the water flowing from a waterfall to flow upwards? I mean, who could ever think that?

Well, you might think twice now after you watch this unbelievable video showing a waterfall with the water current completely flowing in the opposite direction than what everyone else expects.

In a video that has been controversial online, two people was first seen lying on top of a mountain. Across them was a huge waterfall. At a first look, one might think it was just another gorgeous view of a waterfall in the middle of a terrain of mountains.

But, if you take a closer look, you will notice that something unusual is happening with the water. It can be noticed that it keeps on flowing upwards instead of downward.

It can be seen that the initial direction of the water is naturally downward, however, its as if a huge force was pulling the water upwards, a sort of force that opposes with gravity. This cycle has been going on repeatedly that the water on the waterfall was only suspended in the middle as two opposing forces was influencing it.

Watching the full video will only make one wonder about what is truly going on as there was no direct explanation by anyone yet with regards to this hot topic.

You can watch the full video below and be curious too: