Guy expertly catches an umbrella flying mid-air

The effects of a calamity is just as unpredictable as the calamity itself. Authorities may be able to give accurate details on where, when and how strong a typhoon will lash out but no one can give an accurate prediction when it comes to the exact amount of damage it will cause to a certain place.

One of the most common effects of typhoons are flooding in several areas as well as strong winds that can uproot trees, dismantle a roof and carry lightweight things with it.

Just like in this video that has amazed netizens online. Well, not really amazed by the strong winds carried by the typhoon but the unexpected guy who was able to ‘catch’ an umbrella in mid-air.

In the said video, it can be seen that a black umbrella was first carried by the strong wind from the outside of a bulding. As the wind was really strong, it was able to carry the umbrella and made it flew out of its owner’s control.

The umbrella went in circles together with the wind’s direction. It was as if it has completely become one with the wind.

A few moments later, as if directed by some unknown force, the black umbrella went in the way of a man wearing a white shirt. Surprisingly, the man was able to get a hold of the umbrella in just one try!

Many netizens were really amazed by the man’s unforeseen kind of talent. Well, who would have thought the he could do such?

Watch the full video here and be amazed too: