This Avengers-inspired wedding video is like a mini movie by Marvels

As much as possible, it is everyone’s wish to make their wedding into a unique and an unforgettable celebration. After all, it only happens once so why not give it your all?

This is probably what this couple had in mind when they decided to push through with their plan of having a superhero themed wedding.

A video uploaded by the Facebook Page, Wonderlast Films, shows a wedding video of an ordinary couple with an extraordinary kind of wedding concept. The page described the video as ‘awesometacular’, a word which is not yet recognized by any dictionary but, perfectly embodies what is shown in the video.

The clip started off with a villain saying that he is there to ruin the fate of the couple. In his effort to protect the life of his lover, the man was seen transforming himself from one superhero to another. From Iron Man, to Star-Lord and even Thor but he was no match for the villain as he only fought alone.

However, as the video continued, the effort made by the man alone was not enough to protect the girl. It was when the two hugged each other that they realize that them joining forces with each other is the key to defeating the villain.

They did just that and in no time, the villain met his death.

Through their wedding video, the couple wanted to send a message to everyone that love is the one kind of power that can surpass any other types of challenges and villains in our real life stories. That with the love shared by two people, facing hardships and struggles throw by life will be so much easier.

Watch their full wedding video below and be inspired too: