Guy washes his car in the middle of a rainstorm

When storm warning signals are reported on television and on the internet, the first thing that comes to the minds of people is to find a way to keep themselves and their families safe from the possible onslaught of the typhoon. They then take note of the do’s and dont’s during a strong typhoon so that possible deaths can be prevented.

No matter how many people are trying to be cautious during these situations, it seems that there are still people who just don’t care at all and even act like it is just another fine day to do chores like ‘washing your car.’

Just like this man who was caught doing just that in a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Funny Videos. In the said video, it can be noticed that a storm was currently lashing its strength on a certain area. The surroundings were dark, heavy rain was pouring and strong winds can also be felt.

However, something unusual was happening right outside the window of the person who took the video, a man wearing a white shirt was seen wiping his car with a cloth. He just continued to do so even with the heavy rain and strong wind around him.

The person who took the video can be even heard saying curse words because what the odd guy was doing is simply out of this world and probably, no one else would dare to do such a thing in that kind of situation. After all, the car will just be wet and dusted again because the typhoon is still ongoing.

Well, on the brighter side, let’s just thing that maybe that man in white shirt had his reasons for doing such an unusual activity in the middle of a storm.

Watch the full video here;