Guy cuts down banana tree and harvested water out of it

Nature still remains as one of the biggest mysteries in this world we live in. No matter how many discoveries people seem to find each day, its as if the list of things yet to be discovered is still infinite.

However, we still commend the people who never gets tired of discovering new uses to common things and making it known to the majority.

Just like this newest discovery which involves a banana tree! Well, who would have thought that the sap excreted by a banana tree can be safely drank as a substitute for water?

In a video that has been circulating on social media, a man was first seen cutting the trunk of a banana tree using a bolo knife.

Then, he proceeds with chopping the inner parts of the trunk down to almost 4 inches in depth. This is done so that the sap excreted by the trunk can be maximized.

Afterwards, an improvised rope is used to keep the hollow part of the trunk in place. Tidbits of ice were sprinkled inside the trunk and part of a banana leaf was then used to cover the solution.

It was then left for a few hours.

Lastly, another man opens the trunk and was able to take out a clear liquid that is almost as clear as water. He then puts it in a pitcher and later on to a glass.

At the end of the video, he drank the water-like liquid which was fully from the trunk of the banana tree!

Well, are you willing to try out how the sap of banana trunk will taste like?

Watch the full video below: