Thieves steal from this old man who can barely walk

More often than not, old people need love and care from the people around them. This is the time of their life where they need it the most.

However, it seems that there are heartless people who do not give a damn whether you’re young or old just as long as they take a situation into their advantage.

Just like what happened in this video that is now circulating on social media. The short clip started off with an old man slowly walking along a narrow road while holding an umbrella.

A few moments later, two men riding a motorcycle was seen in the video. Suddenly, the back rider got off and forced the old man to give out everything that he has.

It even came to a point where the suspect had to check out every pocket of the old man’s faded pants just to take everything that the old man has in his possession. The old man even tried to fight off with one of the thieves but his poor condition could not match the strength of the thief.

At the end of the video, the two men run off in their motorcycle and left the old man  hopelessly laying down on the ground.

The scene was so heartbreaking that it made netizens mad to see the suspects and felt pity for the old man. He surely did not deserve that kind of treatment. Still, we just continue to hope that these suspects will be duly punished by the law for all of their wrongdoings.

You can watch the full video here: