Woman catches huge fish during ice fishing

There are several different methods of fishing used by fishermen all over the world. It all depends on the materials they have, the fishing locations and the kind of fish they want to catch.

Despite these numerous methods, some still see to it that they create innovations for future use. Just like this woman who demonstrated what its like to go ‘ice fishing.’

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Hero Video Fishing, a woman wearing a pink jacket was first seen making her way to what seemed like a place with black water. It turns out she was walking on ice.

As she spotted the mark they previously made, she then starts to pull a string. She exclaims ‘Oh my God’ when she felt that something was clinging on to the string.

She pulls again for several more times but it was as if she was only pulling on to nothing. Still, she contines and just a few moments later, the water below the surface broke as if something moved beneath it.

The woman then has hope again that something was caught by the trap they set up. She continues on pulling the string again and again.

Then, she was rewarded when a bug fish showed up and that it was attached to the trap! At first, the fish tried to get away fromthe trap but it was can no longer do so.

The woman finally gets a hold of the fish and it was just as big as her own arm! The effort she gave was truly worth it in the end.

So, are you willing to try out this fishing method too?

Watch the full video here: