This guy has perfect solution to park his car in a very narrow space

Have you ever had the dilemma of trying to park your car on a small space? Did you find it hard to do? Did you ever wish you had a bigger space so you will no longer waste your time in trying to park?

Well, this may be the perfect solution you are looking for!

This movable parking lot is simply perfect for space-saving as well as ensuring your car is away from the prying eyes of car-nappers.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook Page, Daily Viral stories, a man wearing a blue polo shirt was first seen opening what seemed like a storage room. He opened the covering one by one.

When it was fully opened, what was inside was neither old books nor discarded appliances, what was inside was in fact a pipe that is in a personalized shaped to fit the wheels of a car. Then, the man pushes a button and the pre-shaped pipe slowly moved outside of the storage room.

Then, he proceeds with driving his red car backwards and positioning it inside the pipe just like he was parking on spacious parking lot.

But that doesn’t end there, the pipe then moved back to its original position with the car in it!

Tadaaa! The car is now correctly and securely parked plus so much space is even saved!

This sure is a welcome development to everyone who ever had the problem of trying to fit their cars in small garage spaces.

You can watch the full video here: