Attempted robbery fails when suspect lost gripped on his fake gun

Crimes can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. These days, criminals no longer choose who their victim will be just as long as the end results are to their advantage. It all just gets worse every day.

However, in this hilarious video, it all turned out the opposite for the plaintiff as his plan was completed ruined in just one moment after he committed a stupid mistake.

We are talking about this attempted robbery incident that happened in Colorado, USA.

A CCTV footage was posted by the Aurora Police Department shows a man making his way inside an e-cigarette store. The man was dressed in an oversized black jacket and a loose pants.

As he went in, he immediately approached the cashier. Just a few moments later, he lets out a gun from inside his jacket and points it at the cashier. But, before he can do anything, he lost his grip on the gun and dropped it right in front of the cashier to reveal that it was just a toy gun.

The suspect even tried to climb over the counter but failed to do so. Instead, he just tried to run off as fast as he could. The video even captured the suspect with his loose pants moving all the way down his legs.

This suspect surely learned a lesson in the hard and hilarious way.

Watch the footage below.