Woman takes the “Slip N Fly” slide and it didn’t end well

Resorts and parks all have their fun and unique way of trying to lure in more customers. It may in the form of new rides or attractions that are somehow inviting to  the eyes of their visitors. Especially ones that include heart-stopping adventures.

This particular resort in Mexico have this extreme adventure attraction which involves one sliding down a high slide then being pumped upwards and eventually diving all the way down to the pool.

The attraction were are talking about is the so called ‘Slip N Fly’. Upon seeing or hearing its name, one may already have an idea of what is in store for them for the whole duration of the adventure. One that includes sliding and flying.

This brave woman was one of the few people who took on the challenge but it dis not end as well as she expected.

In a video that recorded her experience with the Slip N Fly, she was first seen sloding through the giant slide.

When she reached the bottom, she is then plunged up by a force that gave her the feeling of ‘flying’ even for just a few moments.

After that floating, she is then carried down naturally to the refreshing water of the swimming pool! After that, it seemed that she was unable to move that a bystander on the pool decided to jump in to check on her.

The video did not give further details as to what happened to the woman.

So, to all the adventure-loving people out there, this should be a lesson to think twice before doing a thrilling challenge as no ne can predict what the outcome will be.

Watch the full video below: