Woman takes weather reporting to a whole new level with insane visual effects

Catastrophes are never predictable. People and machines may be able to know when or where a weather disturbance may occur but when it comes to the extent of damage it may cause, no one can certainly estimate that and make an accurate prediction.

This is why people are encouraged to prepare for the worst every time a weather forecast reports that there is an upcoming storm or hurricane.

Recently, North Carolina, USA has been on the hot spot after reports of a very strong hurricane Florence that was set to bring disastrous weather condition on the east coast.

So, as a way to educate the citizens when it comes to being prepared and being safe all throughout the storm, various weather forecasts have been made in the region. But what left the online community in awe is this dope visualization of the possible flooding in North Carolina reported by The Weather Channel.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Mediate, the “weather woman”, wearing a red shirt can be seen standing on what seems like an outdoor location. It turns out that the said location was just a product of 3D graphics and special effects.

As she went on with her report, it was demonstrated how a flood can affect the surroundings. From the 3-feet depth up to the 9-feet depth.

In the 3-feet depth, the reporter says that it can hinder people from walking on sidewalks as the water can reach up to the waist of an average person.

When it comes to the 6-feet depth, the cars can be seen floating at this point and the current of the water can also be unpredictable.

The 9-feet depth can be extremely dangerous as it can already affect even the whole first floor of a house!

All throughout the video, it was as if the reporter can already experience the flooding right there and then. The whole video was just so dope that many netizens were amazed even by just watching it.

You can also watch the full video here: