Obesity made this baby not able to bite a watermelon

There are only a few things that can easily make children happy. One of which includes the freedom to eat anything they want to when they feel like it.

However, it is a sad truth that some children have certain health issues where they are left with no choice but to refrain from eating anything they want.

Just like in the case of this child who is left hopeless after being unable to eat a watermelon because of his obesity.

In a video that has made rounds online, a kid with overly fluffy cheeks and big lumps of fat on his body (clearly considered obesity when it comes to his height and weight proportions) was seen sitting beside a big watermelon that is cut in half.

As the video progressed, it can be seen that the child had his eyes on the watermelon as it was really tasty to look at. Then, he attempts to take a bite from the fruit. However, he could not do as his lips could no longer open wide because his facial fat covered it.

The kid tries several more times but his efforts were all useless. The frustration in his face was evident after not even getting the chance to eat the watermelon.

Nevertheless, many netizens still find the video cute and funny especially with the kid’s appearance. One simply just can’t resist his over the top cuteness.

What about you? Will you find this video too cute to resist too?

Go and watch the full video below to find out!