Invisible prank on sister goes wrong

After a magic show on Netflix featured a trick that involves deceiving people into thinking that they are invisible, many others also made their own version of the trick. Most of which are played with friends or with family members.

As much as most of these pranks turn out hilariously, this particular prank done by a family went completely wrong because they did not expect that the victim to react in the way she did.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Viral Thread, a family was seen lounging in their living room. One of the older sisters of the family (the one wearing a maroon shirt) decided to do a little magic.

Her magic is one that will includes making her younger sister invisible! She first made her sit on a chair and covered her entirely with a blanket.

As soon as the girl in maroon pulled off the blanket, the rest of the family members acted like they could not see the youngest sister which was visibly present in their midst (the one wearing a blue shirt).

Suddenly not knowing what to do and assuming that she is really invisible, the girl in blue cried as loudly as she can that their mom was left with no choice but to stop pretending and hug her beloved daughter.

Meanwhile, the other family members just can’t stop laughing with the whole fiasco. They surely dis not expect such kind of reaction from their younger sister and they probably will have a hard time trying to console her.

See the full video here: