Dancing wedding entourage is so fun to watch

A wedding is one of the most anticipated moments in a person’s lifetime. This is why numerous months of planning and preparation as well as a significant amount of money are invested in this once in a lifetime event.

It can’t also be denied that people try to make this event as memorable as possible by creating new innovations to the usual ceremony.

This particular wedding event is no exception to the trend of having unique wedding celebrations. In a video that has made rounds online, the secondary sponsors of the wedding was seen standing hand in hand as a preparation for their entrance. They were all positioned in pairs for the wedding march.

A few moments later, instead of just plainly walking all the way down the aisle, the music turned on and the gown and tuxedo clad sponsors danced to its beat as the crowd cheered in the background. They danced as they took small steps moving forward.

Their actions were just simple dance steps but it all added to the festive mood of the occasion. Especially that these sponsors themselves were seen with smiles written all over their faces. It is evident that they are genuinely enjoying what they are doing.

This sure is a welcome idea to everyone who is interested in making their wedding event something that is memorable and can be treasured for the rest of their lives.

What about you? Are you willing to do such gimmick during your wedding? Or do you have your own bright idea of making your wedding memorable?

Watch the full video here: