Baby ends up with fractured legs after it got caught between her daddy’s legs and the slide

There is no such thing as a guideline when in comes to parenting. All children have different behaviors and experiences which parents have to adjust to. However, it is good to listen to other parents especially when it comes to the welfare of children.

Take this mom’s heartbreaking experience which she shared on social media so that other parents may be warned too. A mom named Kayla Campbell shared through her Facebook account that one short supposedly fun moment that turned into a disaster.


In her post, Kayla recalls that she and her husband Matthew took their daughter Emelyn to a nearby playground. As they commonly do, Emelyn was left to sit on her father’s lap to go down the big slide because this is what she enjoys the most.

She did not expect what happened next. Emelyn’s shoes gripped one side of the slide and her foot was caught between her dad’s leg and the plastic edge.

The unforeseen incident resulted in a spiral fracture which went all the way to Emelyn’s tibia. Lucky for Kayla, the incident did not add some serious damage to Emelyn aside from having a cast on her feet for four weeks.

Kayla clarified on her post that she is not blaming the slide, the shoes or her husband for the incident.  All she aims by making the post is for the other parents to be informed of the dangers so that they can avoid it in any possible way. After all, all these parents want is the safety of their children.

You can watch the full video of the incident here:

Posted by Kayla Campbell on Friday, 13 July 2018