Mayor uses tank to crush illegally parked cars in his town

Discipline when it comes to road etiquette is a must for every driver. Accidents and traffic dilemma can be easily resolved or even prevented if drivers are responsible enough for how they act while on the road.

One of the biggest problems traffic officers often suffer from is illegal parking. Drivers often forget that there are specific places where they can freely park their cars and there are also restricted areas. Recently, a mayor went viral on social media after he decides to execute the best solution in dealing with illegally parked cars.

Mayor Arturas Zuokas of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania has decided to send his message to anyone who would think of parking illegally on his streets. He did not do so through a public announcement or by a television interview but by driving over an illegally parked car in a Soviet-era armored personnel carrier.

The mayor was at the controls of the eight-wheeled camouflaged vehicle as it rolled over a Mercedes car illegally parked in a cycle lane. Accompanied by his two friends, Zuokas said that he was signaling that there would be a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal parking on his streets from now on.

The mayor is dressed up in an open-necked shirt and a blazer. He is seen clearing up the remains of the car at the end of the video before cycling away on a bike.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the said public stunt was only a demonstrative act to warn everyone who would attempt to illegally park their cars. A spokeswoman from the Mayor’s office clarified that the car that was crushed was bought especially for the exercise and did not belong to an unsuspecting motorist.

Despite this fact, motorists should still be warned that the government is serious in their campaign and will surely do everything in their power to resolve the traffic problem.

Watch the full video here: