Kid earns praise for giving his seat to a pregnant woman while adults ignored her

Kindness is one trait that can create a significant change to our everyday lives. It does not need to be a big or grand act of kindness just as long as it can benefit another person, the trait itself works in ways we could not see and creates a ripple of itself.

However, there are times when people seem to forget the true value of kindness because of various factors. May this viral story serve as a reminder to everyone about the significance of being kind.

We are talking about this video that has made rounds on various social media platforms in Malaysia.

In an article by Elite Readers, a kid gave up his seat to an expectant mother while other grown men just looked on. This kind gesture from the young man made the people online happy, and they have nothing but praise for the kid.

A CCTV footage uploaded by a Netizen named Ally Ally Iskandar shows a pregnant woman riding the train. However, as she entered all the seats were already taken. In the footage, it can be seen that two women, three men and one male kid are occupying the seats.

The women saw the pregnant lady first but they just acted like they saw nothing. As for the gentlemen, one of them obviously noticed her but he just tilted his body as if unaware of the expectant passenger while the other guy looked at the woman and simply ignored her. The same thing happened with the third guy.

Soon, the kid noticed the pregnant lady and saw that she was already exhausted from standing. Without second thoughts, he immediately stood up and willingly offered his seat to the pregnant lady.

The lady’s face instantly lit up as she gladly took the seat offered by the kid.

As a result of his good deed, the kid earned praises from people on social media. All were impressed by his kindness even with his young age.

All we can say is, Good job, kid!

Watch the full video here: