Hilarious Japanese TV show will tell us why they have a good taste in humor

In the past, Japanese TV shows have earned a reputation for themselves for having the most bizarre type of challenges that are often described as ‘out of this world.’ From challenges that require the use of body parts to break hard materials such as blocks down to challenges that require conquering of fear especially one that includes an encounter with live animals.

Here goes yet another bizarre challenge featured in a Japanese TV show that is completely hilarious and has made netizens laugh out loud.

The said short clip first gave a glimpse of how the challenge will be done. A mystery box will be opened and whatever it contains should be passed on from one person to the other through their mouth. A divider is also placed after each person so the mysterious item could not be revealed easily.

If the challenge is not yet bizarre to you in this state, it so happened that the first ‘thing’ involved happens to be a live frog. The participants succeeded in passing the frog from the first to the last person but tgeir their faces are just too funny to look at.

The second live animal involved in the challenge was a lobster. For this, the participants went nuts as the legs of the lobster kept touching the skin on their cheeks and lips which can be really painful. Despite this, they were still able to surpass the challenge.

The third animal happens to be a small fish. As the fish was significantly small and it kept moving, the participants had a hard time trying to contain the fish inside their mouth. It was even funnier when they ‘kissed’ each other just to pass the fish from one person to the other.

Despite their efforts, the participants were not able to succeed in the challenge because they did not finish it in due time, and the poor small fish was accidentally swallowed. Nevertheless, the whole challenge was truly fun to watch!

You can watch the hilarious video here: