These ducklings adorably follow their mom even when jumping off a bridge

Animals are said to have an obedient nature. Oftentimes, the domesticated animals follow the order of their owners just the way they were trained to do so. But, did you know that animals already have their own obedience especially when it comes to their ancestors.

Just like in the case of these ducklings who always follow the lead of their mom.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Breathing for Peace, a group of ducklings together with their mother was first seen making their way to the edge of a bridge. When they arrived at the edge, the mother can be seen hesitating whether to jump to the pond or not.

After a few moments, the mother finally decided to just jump over the water. All the small ducklings were left on the edge of the bridge.

Soon, the mother returns and urged her children to jump over the bridge too just like how she did it. Giving all their trust to their mother, the ducklings did not hesitate even for just one moment and simply jumped over the bridge like their lives depend on it.

One by one, the ducklings jumped over the bridge and to the water. In just a short time, all of them were able to swim freely in the water together with their mother and the rest of the other ducklings.

This just goes to show that these ducklings are truly loyal and obedient towards their mother. Aren’t they the ideal children any parent could ask for?

Watch their full video here: