Guy rides inside a tire downhill for fun but turns into a disaster

There are really people who loves exploring and experiencing new adventures. Even if these experiences often include death defying and out of this world stunts, people still choose to go through these just for the fun of it.

Maybe one of the most extreme experience anyone could have is riding a roller coaster. Nothing compares to the exciting feeling of being above and below a full speed vehicle that is moving in circles.

This certain group of friends had the most bizarre idea of creating their very own improvised roller coaster just for the fun of it. They did not need the big lumps of metal materials, all they needed was one key ingredient. That is- an old wheel of a vehicle. The wheel has to be big enough for a person to fit in.

As they already have their key material, the next thing they need is a place where the wheel could roll over. They managed to find the perfect spot in a sloppy area.

Despite their seemingly perfect plan, they failed to anticipate that the wheel might continue rolling on its path without anything to stop it – and that is exactly what happened.

As the group rolled out the wheel with one of their friends in it, the wheel just continued rolling downhill and they failed to find anything to abruptly stop it before it made its way to the forested area.

The video uploaded via the Facebook page, Bisaya Pay Imo did not give further details as to what happened to the person who was inside the wheel when the whole experiment turned wrong. One thing we are sure of is that it is never safe for anyone to try this kind of thing inside their home.

Watch the full video here: