19-month-old Genius baby learned more than 300 words at a young age!

Oftentimes, children are more focused on having fun or playing that they no longer give importance to studying. Most children learn to have a grasp of reading and writing at the age of 5 because this age is the age most children start to go to school.

However, this certain 19-month-old baby just blew the minds of everyone around him after learning to read more than 300 words in clear articulation at such a young age. He is now tagged as the ‘Baby Reading Genius.’

The unbelievable skills of the baby was recorded in a video and it quickly became a hit online after people were amazed by it. The child prodigy, who is only known by the name Carter can read up to 300 words and can even count 1-50. The person responsible for taking the video is none other than LaToya Whiteside at Charlotte. North Carolina.

In the footage, Carter was seen reading words written in white place cards. As he tries to read word after word, he looks at his mom for confirmation before continuing. He was able to read out words such as ‘are’, ‘was’, ‘too’, and ‘like.’

Amazingly, the child even flipped a word when he noticed that it was written in an upside down manner.

In an article by Readers Portal Today, LaToya confessed that her son first started showing interest in reading when he was just 7-months-old. She also added that the flashcards she featured in the video was recently purchased at a dollar store and she only showed the cards once to her child before the video was recorded.

This just proves that Carter is simply no ordinary child. He truly is deserving of the title, ‘Baby Reading Genius.’

Watch the full video here: